Search Engine Optimization

What We Provide

To appear on the first page of Google return result for any search keyword is possible. People do believe and trust Google to give them the best and relevant result whenever they search for any keyword. Keywords are whatever phrase, word or query you type into Google to get information.

Ranking higher for keyword has become the goal aim for all website owners (Webinars); this is because it is a guarantee source of traffic. If you have traffic to your site whatever you are into, you are in serious business and the return on investment is huge. Then what is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website very easy for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. to rank you highly for any keywords that you deliver value and relevancy. Keep in mind Google attached relevant keyword with relevant content which form the heartbeat of their business.

Making your web pages very easy for search engine to understand and crawl is called ON-PAGE Optimization while obtaining relevant backlinks which serve as a vote to your site is called and OFF-PAGE Optimization.

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Pricing Box

Basic SEO
NGN 35,000 / Mo
Website Analysis
05 Keywords
250,000 Crawled Pages
08 Times Sitemap Submission
Monthly Report
Standard SEO
NGN 70,000 / Mo
Website Analysis
10 Keywords
250,000 Crawled Pages
Monthly Report
Advanced SEO
NGN 145,000 / Mo
Website Analysis
15 Keywords
250,000 Crawled Pages
Monthly Report


You can’t talk about Search Engine Result without talking about keyword; keyword is what all website are feircelesly fighting for.

Keyword hunting or research is the single most important thing to be sure of before search engine optimization brings you a return on investment and it happens before a single piece of content is written, a single piece of code is externalized or a single backlink is obtained.

Before you can embark on a successful SEO campaign, you need to know how people are finding your site, whether or not they are buying, which pages keep them there and which pages cause them to leave, along with other basic behavior patterns.

Benefit of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is capable of providing you a strategic edge over your competitors

  • Has a positive psychological impact on a visitor.
  • Help you create a brand identity.
  • Higher ‘brand recall’.
  • Increase in targeted on-line traffic.
  • Better web site positioning.
  • Ability to dominate over competition with your mirror sites.
  • Fast, measurable ROI.
  • Increased and boosted product sales, and online visibility.
  • Lower client acquisition costs.
  • Broader web-marketing share.
  • Compete efficiently against larger competitors.
  • Continuous Visibility.
  • Makes the most out of the best tool for advertising.
  • The cheapest marketing tool, even on the net.
  • Increases your revenue. Many non-brick and mortar firms have grown only with online presence and the best example is